Exactly What Happens To Your Boobs If You Skip The Sports Bra?

We've heard rumours that our breasts may prematurely sag if we left our sports bra out of our early morning running routine, but is there truth in that? We delve into the science of what ditching the racer-back can actually do to you - and the answers may surprise you.


Okay, let's start with a mini anatomy lesson. Your tatas are comprised of fat and glandular tissue and suspended by what's known as Cooper's ligaments (a fibrous tissue). These tissues are extremely sensitive to physical activity and can actually be damaged, torn and become painful as a result. Their only anchor is the chest wall, so it's unavoidable that they will move while you're in motion.

Wearing a sports bra helps keep your breasts secure and supports their weight so you don't wind up hunching over and ruining your posture. This is especially important for larger cup sizes, as they are more susceptible to bad posture and back strain due to their breast weight.

"The most immediate effect of having unsupported breast tissue is sharp or burning pain, with breast tenderness and tightness in the breast tissue." explains Sherry Ross, M.D., an OB/GYN at Santa Monica's Providence Saint John’s Health Center. "This type of short term pain can be mild or severe, lasting hours, days, or months."


So sports bras help us out in the short term, but do they actually prevent sagging down the road? The answer is no. As much as they can help stop pain and hunching right now, research suggests that breast ligaments will lose their strength over time and cause sagging. Whether you workout with or without support, no one is safe from the enviable effect of gravity.

While strapping on your trusty sports bra will save you from problems right now, it isn't doing much to keep your ladies perky in the long run. However, having better posture can spare you from a lot of back problems later on so keep wearing your sports bra every time you smash your routine!


What are your thoughts? Why do you love or hate wearing a sports bra?




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