What Happened When This Woman Exposed Her Body Online Will Surprise You

In an age of body positivity, Instagrammer Courtney Mina decided to embark on a little experiment to see what kind of response pictures of her figure would receive online. Courtney has a chronic health condition called Lipedema. It causes her legs and arms to collect distinct amounts of fatty tissue. This tissue can not be shed with simple diet or exercise changes. Surgery can lessen the tissue, but will not remove it completely. For Courtney, this means she will always carry extra weight on her limbs. "I thought it was about time that #biglegs received some positive recognition. Curious as to how people would react to a photo of a plus size woman showing off her big legs, I took to my trusty Instagram and posted a full body photo of myself and my big, fat, fluffy thick legs on display." Courtney explains. [caption id="attachment_107235" align="aligncenter" width="1098"]weight curvy plus size (Photo: Courtney Mina/Instagram)[/caption] The post made caused quite the commotion. There were trolls who spewed the typical reactions. They called Courtney a "whale", "fat" and "gross". There was another category of trolls who tried to help this woman see that her body needed to change, and that she was frighteningly unhealthy. But then there were the supporters. "So many people (of all different genders and sizes) left positive, wonderful, supportive comments on my photo. Some told me I was beautiful just the way I was, while others just wanted to give me some support for doing what I do." says Courtney. So while her experiment proved that fat phobia is still running rampant in the world, the sheer appreciation and love she received from her supporters was enough for Courtney's faith in humanity to be restored. "It doesn't matter how many negative comments, glances, or snickers you may receive, though. There is always more support, appreciation, love, understanding, and empowerment our there than there is hate." she concludes. What are your thoughts? Would you be brave enough to post a picture like Courtney? Source: Huffington Post    

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