What Happens In A Relationship When Your Fitness Views Clash?

Actor Adrien Brody and his girlfriend, Lara Lieto, enjoyed a romantic getaway in Sardinia recently. All eyes were on Lara's sexy, tight and toned figure as the paparazzi snapped pictures of the couple's poolside fun. Lara is far more dedicated to her fitness regime than beau Adrien. Her hardcore abs are the product of hours at the gym and eating a meticulously healthy diet, while her boyfriend of two years remains lax about health and exercise. This is not attractive vs. ugly but it begs the question, can two people make it work if their views on fitness clash? How important do you believe it is to share the same views with your partner in all aspects of life? Obviously no one will agree all the time, but how much should you be agreeing on? [bctt tweet="What Happens In A Relationship When Your Fitness Views Clash?"] inpost Sometimes my partner and I argue over which breakfast cereal is better for us, but in the end we are striving towards the same goal - health. This goal is the ultimate facet of life, so one would think being compatible about issues of health would be a building block to a good relationship. And when considering the future, I would imagine you would want to instil similar wellness views to your children. But then there are couples like Adrien and Lara who lean in different directions, but still manage to make their relationship work. We want to hear from you! Have you dated or are you dating someone who's views on fitness differ from yours? Can opposites attract and stay together? Source: Daily Mail

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