What Happens To Your Body When You Don't Eat Pre-Workout

Did you know that women who exercise frequently and don't get enough food beforehand can suffer from serious health issues? Skipping a pre-workout fuel up can result in what's known as female athlete triad syndrome. This can cause disruptions in your menstrual cycle, increased incidence of bone fracture, fatigue, hair loss and dry skin. It can even exacerbate symptoms of depression, anxiety and self-esteem problems. The mental and physical toll this condition takes can simply be remedied by knowing what to eat and when. eat pre-workout If you workout for more than an hour a day, you need to consume nearly 3,500 calories to stay healthy and strong. This number can terrify woman and teens who are conscious about their weight, but those calories will not cause weight gain if properly burned. Think of calories not as pound-packing double cheeseburgers, but as energy and fuel from healthy sources like nuts and seeds, avocados, fish, lean meats, whole grains, eggs and fruit. Since female participation in sports has gone up substantially in recent years, it's vital to educate yourself and others about fuelling your body and avoiding female athlete triad syndrome. You want to keep your body in the best shape possible in order to reach your goals! What are your thoughts? How do you fuel for a workout? Source: Cosmopolitan  

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