What Healthy Portions Of Your 9 Favourite Foods REALLY Look Like

Portioning properly means you can still enjoy some of your favourite foods guilt free, as long as you stick to the recommended serving sizes. Every food varies on portioning, so we're going to break down the exact size for each of these common foods so you can diet smarter. #1 Tofu Bar tofu block healthy food 1/2 cup of tofu is considered the ideal portion, which is the same size as a bar of soap. 145 cal / 9 g fat / 16 g protein #2 Pat Of Butter pat of butter The amount of butter you smear on toast or pancakes should be 1 teaspoon, the size of a bottle cap. 34 cal / 3.8 g fat / 0 g protein #3 Avocado avocado good for you fats A healthy avocado serving is two tablespoons, or the size of a dental floss container. 50 cal / 5 g fat / 2 g fiber #4 Granola granola portion sizing A healthy serving of granola is 1/4 cup, or one plastic Easter egg. 150 cal / 7 g fat / 16 g carbs / 6 g sugar #5 Olive Oilolive oil serving 1 tablespoon is a healthy serving of olive oil, or one poker chip. 120 cal / 14 g fat (2 g sat) #6 Raisins raisins health A serving of raisins should be no more than 1/4 cup, or a golf ball. 123 cal / 24 g sugar / 33 g carbs #7 Watermelon watermelon One proper serving (2 cups) is the size of a soup can. 92 cal / 0 g fat / 22 g carbs / 18 g sugar #8 Quinoa quinoa 1/3 cup dry equals 1 cup cooked, and cooked quinoa equals the size of a gerbera daisy . 220 cal / 3. 5 g fat / 5 g fiber / 8 g protein #9 Cashews cashews 1 ounce, or 16 to 18 nuts, is about the size of a plush powder puff. 163 cal / 13 g fat / 1 g fiber / 4 g protein Do these portions seem accurate to you? Share your diet tips and tricks with us! Source: Women's Health

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