What is Beauty?

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This week I came across an article on Starcrush.com.  Dustin Hoffman (The Graduate) gave an interview to AFI about his work on the film 'Tootsie.'  This wasn't the average interview.  It started when a colleague asked him, "How would YOU be different if you were a woman."  And in his discovery of this he captured something I have struggled with my whole life...and something that isn't exclusively my problem.  It affects women all over the world. And it is this...being seen and being valued only for the beauty of your figure and your face. photo 1

 Dustin Hoffman in 'Tootsie'

Dustin was put through rigorous makeup tests to transform him into a woman.  He told the producers after the final makeup test if they could now make him into a beautiful woman.  He was told "this is as good as it gets."  How many of us have had those words float through our heads?  Hoffman went home and cried to his wife saying that there had been so many women throughout his life that he had met and hadn't given the time of day because they did not rise to his standard of attractiveness. It's something that plagues us all...and that we have all have taken part in.  The discounting of others and ourselves because we and they aren't our vision of beauty.  And it needs to change.  And where it changes is with us.  If we put our own value down to skin deep beauty we do ourselves and others a disfavor. Who do we miss out on knowing because they aren't "beautiful?"  What happens when we teach our daughters that their value is in their contribution to the world, their brains, their capacity to love?  Try it and see the change it brings.  

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