What is Gut Bacteria and Will it Make You Fat?

We desperately try to avoid bacteria - from kitchen surfaces, to overly washing our dirty hands, but did you know that some bacteria are healthy and naturally reside in our bodies from the time we’re born?

Bet you also didn’t know that our environment can have an impact on the levels of bacteria we have in our systems and furthermore, different types of bacteria can affect our metabolic performance.

Studies revealed that these different types of bacteria can affect our body weight, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy we choose to eat.

So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage…

The more different types of bacteria you have in your body, the better. You can control the diversity of your gut bacteria by eating certain foods, taking supplements, and committing to certain diet strategies.

Eat Your Veggies

Mom was right to force you to eat your vegetables as a kid. To get the most natural, healthy bacteria from food, choose locally grown veggies from farmers markets that have grown in bacteria rich soil. Try fermenting them at home instead of buying them from a can at the store to preserve their natural nutrients.

Take Your Vitamins

Ditch the Flintstones gummies and consider prebiotics, fiber, and magnesium. Do some research into which supplements work best for your body, lifestyle and health goals.

Resist Temptation

Cravings are hard to resist, but the more you do and consistently keep yourself on track, the easier it becomes. Doing so reduces these bacterial populations and in turn starts to make you metabolically healthier.

Source: T Nation

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