The Best Workout For Burning Fat & Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Today I'll take you through a type of cardio that will help shed some serious weight while being super efficient with the amount of time you will need to spend on your workouts. If you haven't started Hiit Training yet, you need to jump on this workout ASAP. Especially if your primary goal is fat loss, and overall conditioning. Hiit has become a hugely popular fitness trend, in part due to it's ability to effectively torch fat. HIIT workouts can range from twelve to twenty minutes and involve alternating between 50 seconds all-out "work" intervals where you push yourself to your personal limit and then a 10-20 second "rest" interval where you catch your breath and get ready for the next exercise. The great thing about Hiit is that you can incorporate weights, strength moves, agility training - it's almost an anything goes mentality that helps keep the moves fresh and the workouts intense and exciting. You can join our FREE 30 day HIIT challenge here - we deliver a new workout video to you each day of the challenge that you can do at home or in the gym. Over 50,000 people are starting the challenge with us June 1st! It's a perfect way to start! 11168039_1136851689675066_7873783887607881389_n If you are not doing any cardiovascular training, start with two to three beginner HIIT sessions a week. Do what you can, push yourself to perform at your personal best. We promise that you will get stronger, fitter and faster (not to mention leaner) if you just stick with us.

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