What is the Fail-Nutrition in your country???

Half of my countrymen are overweight, as I some time also. Since my diet I always wonder the recommended food is wrong to blame? I live in Germany. Here is propagated especially the carbohydrates cereals are very important and every fat is bad. Many doctors and nutritionists not recommend the form of my Nutrition “low carb diet”.   A typical daily schedule of a German looks like this: BREAKFAST 2 slices of toast with margarine, jam, sausage and cheese or sugared cereal with skim milk LUNCH: Potatoes, vegetables and pork,  in canteens are very popular french fries and sausage as dessert they like pudding EVENING MEAL Bread with margarine, sausages and cheese. SNACKS produced artificially sweetened yogurt with fruit flavor, sweet bars, cakes, flour products, such as chips & pretzels Plus lots of Coke, Fanta is drunk.   Especially inexpensive in this country are white flour products, refined sugar, pork and sausage produced from the waste. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish are expensive. 1 bar of chocolate is cheaper here than an apple.   A german consumed per day approximate 8,5oz bread and 8oz potatoes but only 8,5oz vegetables and 6,5 oz fruits. Only every 2nd eats fruits per day. I find these values particulary alarming, per day one german consumed 5 oz pork but only 1,8oz poultry or 1,4 oz fish.   In progress of my diet I cut out bread, potatoes, candy, coke and pork. Every day I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts. I combine with some poultry, fish or dairy twice a day. Never I want to miss my coconut-products like coconut-milk, coconut-flour and virgin-coconut-oil, almond-flour, my green tea and 1 tablespoon oatmeal per day. That is what me make feel good!   How it is in your country, what foods are propagated as healthy for you? What have you removed from your diet?  

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