What Looking Around The Gym Can Teach You About Fitness Fads

For some people, fitness has always been a part of life. They ran, played, hiked outside as children. They played a sport or two for as long as they can remember. And as adults, these people take to the gym as a matter of habit and lifestyle. They exercise because it feels good to exercise. Or there are those people at the gym working to really change their lives, to get healthy, to live longer and more happily. But, if you take a look around the gym, this isn't the case for everyone. There are some who go to the gym just to be seen. Those girls who have the cutest workout clothes, the perfect mussed up hair but never seem to actually break much of a sweat. They keep their eyes keen and moving in the hopes of finding that perfect person to join them in fit couple selfies. Then there are the guys who work furiously to build muscle mass and bulk up while watching these girls wander through the weight room. They always seem to work harder when there is one nearby. They gain rapidly and look great but are they actually any healthier? working out There is a difference between working out to get or be healthy and working out because it looks good to work out. This isn't to suggest that people who go to the gym in the hopes of appealing to the opposite sex are somehow 'wrong.' It's just an interesting phenomenon. Just as brands like Lulu Lemon took yoga wear to the streets, for some, fitness has become something they wear, something they put on to show other people. There are no shortage of inspirational stories of couples who got fit, of people who found everything they needed in life by hitting the gym, of celebrities looking beyond perfect while doing their squats, and so it isn't surprising that people gravitate to that image. Silly as this idea may seem to the fitness buffs among us, it can't really be seen as a bad trend. People going to the gym, whatever the reason, has to increase the likelihood of them actually using the gym, no? So, next time you go for a workout, take a look around. You'll see it. Don't judge these people, of course, everyone must start somewhere and perhaps for them, this is the origin. But it will be interesting to see, overtime, how this trend really unfolds. Have you seen this fitness trend phenomenon? Does it irritate you or is it just background for your own body sculpting sweat session? Give us your opinion! Source: Elite Daily  

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