What Makes You Beautiful Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Remember that everyone has their own max effort level. Pay attention to yours and be true to your body. Even starting with just a few reps is an important start and something you should feel proud of. Reach beyond your comfort zone – it will give you a rush of strength and energy that BodyRockers feel all over the world!  I try and make the workouts as tough as possible because we are only working for 12 minutes.  This is HIIT Training which means (High Intensity Interval Training).  If you are not pushing yourself to your limits you are not going to see the results you desire.  Push hard, find breathlessness and learn to become comfortble in that state of being breathless and uncomforatble.  We are human and our first instinct is to resist or quit when things get hard.  One reason why we have started to do the Real Time Sweat (RTS) workouts is because we want you working out with us the entire 12 minutes. Enjoy your training and post those scores!!!! Best, Sean Workout Breakdown 1) Surfer kick out 2 jump squats 2 tuck jumps 2) 5 Mountain Climbers 5 Star Jumps 3) 2 Forward Lunges 2 squat and press 2 upright rows using the Sandbag 4) 2 pushups come up to a burpee 1 tuck jump The guys at Ultimate Sandbag are giving us 10% off the Sandbag The discount code is “body rock” BodyRock Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here *New Lish’s Facebook page: here

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