What Runners Are Really Thinking

Think nobody else is thinking what you are during a run? Think again. Here are some common thoughts during running. There are multiple random thoughts while going for a run. Based on a study from “Think Aloud,” our thoughts are more related to running than off-topic thoughts. The study team had analyzed 18 hours of recordings from 10 different half-marathon and marathon athletes who chose to record their thoughts out loud during a 7+ mile run. The thoughts were broken into three separate categories. One: Forty percent of thoughts are related to distance and pace. “Come on, pick up the pace.” Or “How much further do I have?” Two: 32% of runners has thoughts about being in discomfort and pain. “What is that pain in my foot? Oh, just a rock.” There was also quite a bit of profanity. Three: 28% of the thoughts were related to the environment. “Please, no more stop signs or red lights.”   Mile One “Time to get sweaty,” "It’s such a beautiful day out today,” “You got this,” “Here we go! Run time!”   Mile Two “Aw. That puppy is so cute,” “Wow, so is his owner,” “Never mind, I see a wedding ring on the finger. Keep going.”   Mile Three “This running thing rocks,” “Oh no, a cramp. Ow, it feels like someone is stabbing my side!,” “Shorts are riding up and I forgot my Body Glide for my inner thighs. I will pay for it in the shower later, it is going to hurt so bad,” “Woohoo, Taylor Swift on shuffle. I will totally shake it off.”   Mile Four “ I so can’t wait to get home and eat a giant bowl of oatmeal,” “Maybe I will just get a crepe on the way home. Nutella isn’t too bad, right?,” “I totally want a bagel instead.”   Mile Five “I am finally done,” Running is amazing and everything is totally awesome,” “I am the champion,” “I am so going for a run tomorrow, possibly sign up for a race!” What do you think about when you go for a run? Source: Self  

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