What This Woman Learned From Over 10 Years Of One Night Stands

Amanda Denis is a veteran of the hook-up. Spanning 4 years of college and going well into her 20s, Amanda became no stranger to casual flings with near strangers. But having a lot of s*x taught her a thing or two about s*xual health and emotional wellbeing. Now Amanda is imparting her wisdom onto us! Here are her main lessons from sleeping with nearly 30 partners over 10 years. safe sex condoms birth control You Have The Right To Safe S*x No matter what your partner tries to tell you, it is your right to demand that protection is used. And more often than not you should demand this, especially if you're hooking up with someone you don't really know. "You need to be the one looking out for your own s*xual health." Amanda explains. Make Sure He's Wearing The Right Size Of Condom If your partner is avidly against condoms, it might be because the ones he's wearing are not his size. Sometimes dudes can grab a box and not really give a second thought to whether the size is too snug or too loose. Try suggesting a different size, or even a different brand or type. Test out different options before ruling condoms out all together. Birth Control Is A Shared Burden Got that, guys? It's not anymore the woman's responsibility as it is the man's. So split the cost of condoms, or any other form of contraception you may require. Good guys will understand this, but sometimes they may need reminding. Carry Condoms With You  "Just keep an eye on the expiration date, and occasionally give the package a squeeze to make sure the bubble of air is still in there (that means it's sealed)." says Amanda. Having a condom on you is ideal for those spur of the moment hook-ups. Even in the throws of passion, it's best to be safe. Always Pee Pre- and Post- S*x  It's important to pee before and after getting busy because it flushes away bacteria and prevents the increased risk for infections. It also is not to have the urge to go during a particularly steamy hook-up. "One particular gent really enjoyed cuddling—so much so that when I tried to get up to tiptoe to the bathroom, he playfully pulled me back down, locking me in those big hot muscular arms. I went with it, but let me tell you, I really came to regret not flushing out the bacteria pushed up into my urinary tract." says Amanda. Open Up About STIs Health is health, whether it's s*xual or otherwise. It's important to be honest with the person you're seeing and let them know if you have concerns about getting an infection and especially if you've actually developed one. It's really important to respect when your partner opens up about their concerns or possible infections, because they are trying to protect you and your health. Speak To Your Pharmacist  Stop Googling symptoms or pondering whether or not to purchase a certain product and talk with your pharmacist. Consult with them if you have questions about your birth control pill or any other medications. Always speak to them before you purchase an emerging contraceptive such as Plan B to make sure you use it correctly. Don't be shy, the pharmacist is there to help! What are the most important lessons you've learned from your love life? Share your stories with us! Source: Shape Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_114150" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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