What Time Is Sex O'Clock For Men?

So when does your guy want to take a roll in the hay? Well ladies, unless you want to get up and do you best seduction hair and makeup at 6am, you're not gonna like it. At least according to a recent survey as reported by Daily Mail Online. Men are horniest at 7:54 a.m. Women, on the other hand, said their prime time was at 11:21 p.m., on average. These, admittedly unscientific, conclusions, surveyed 2,300 people, 68 percent of whom said they've dated someone whose sex drive was out of sync with their own at least once. Shockingly, only 16 percent of men said they wanted to do the deed right before bedtime. That being said, something tells us most dudes would be all too happy to get some - no matter what time.  

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