What To Do Every Hour To Lose Weight All Day

You can't lose weight by doing just one good thing everyday. Yes, going for a run or opting for a salad at lunch is great but it takes hundreds of little healthy choices, made all day long, to create and sustain weight loss. Turn this fact into a fun challenge! Every hour is a brand new opportunity to do something that will bring you closer to your goals! Here is an hour by hour guide so that when you wake up tomorrow, you'll know exactly what you need to do! 6 a.m. -- Get up and drink a big glass of water. It will fill you up and prevent bloating. Have a small snack that offers fast carbs and protein. Like half a banana and some almonds. Eating in the morning is good for kick starting your metabolism. Now, it is time for your workout. Research has found that people who work out in the morning do so for longer periods and with a higher level of intensity than those who work out later. 7 a.m. -- Stretch in the shower. Eat a breakfast that includes at least 10 grams of both protein and fiber. And if you'd like, this is a great time to eat some healthy carbs because it leaves you the rest of the day to make sure you burn them off. 8 a.m. -- Make your lunch. 9 a.m. -- Fill up your reusable water bottle as soon as you get to work. Sip on it throughout the morning to make sure you stay hydrated. This will help prevent hunger. 10 a.m. -- Take a break for a fiber filled snack. [bctt tweet="What To Do Every Hour To Lose Weight All Day"] 11 a.m. -- Write in your food and fitness journal. Write down what you have eaten and the exercise you have done. 12 p.m. -- Get yourself moving. Go for a walk with a co-worker, run an errand or try some of these office exercises. 1 p.m. -- Eat the healthy lunch your made at home. Drink more water. 2 p.m. -- Turn your afternoon meeting into a walking meeting. Walking can help you think more clearly while burning calories. 3 p.m. -- Have a snack. Try to stay around 150 calories. This will keep your energy levels up and help you stay full until dinner. 4 p.m. -- Have some green tea. The caffeine will give you a little boost and green tea has been shown to suppress appetite and increase metabolism. 5 p.m. -- Walk or bike home from work. It will burn more calories but also help you blow off some steam after a long day. 6 p.m. -- Make a low-calorie dinner full of veggies, low-fat protein, and whole grains. When you are done preparing the meal, put away the left overs before you eat. This will prevent you from going back for unnecessary seconds. 7 p.m. -- Do these exercises while brushing your teeth. They will help firm up your butt and your minty mouth will prevent snacking. 8 p.m. -- While relaxing in front of the television, do some strengthening, body-weight exercises. Get your abs going with these plank variations! 9 p.m. -- Get your workout gear ready for the morning. Put on your jammies and do some yoga poses to quiet your mind. 10 p.m. -- Hit the hay. Getting enough sleep is proven to be a central factor in weight loss. Totally manageable isn't it? Will you be adopting this routine tomorrow? Source: Shape 

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