What to Say When Your Guy is Criticizing His Own Body

Although there are multiple dads out there that are talking about their “dad bod,” there are others who rather not be open about their bald spot or beer gut. They literally hate those features about themselves. There was a poll that indicated that over the last three decades, the percentage of dissatisfaction that men have with their body has went up to 43 percent from 15 percent. The numbers are similar to women and their body image as well. However, the difference with men is that they are least likely to get any type of help with their body. Just like any insecurity, body issues tend to put pressure on your body, which can impact your sex life with your significant other. Whether he is worried about the shape of his pecs or his package size, try some of the following tips from O’Reilly to boost his confidence. skipping fat talk

Skipping Fat Talk

When you complain about your thighs, just to make your man feel better about his belly, it does more damage than you think. You may have good intentions while doing this, but body-shaming can be contagious. It’s best to surround yourself with those who are positive about their body image. It can really change how you feel about your own body.

Giving Honest Compliments

Guys crave honest compliments, just as much as you do. Tell him the most attractive parts of his body and be specific. Also, show love for his other attributes, such as his style or how he always makes you laugh. By helping build his self-esteem, you can boost how he feels about his body. Healthy decisions will allow him to feel better over time. However, never nag him about going to the gym. Instead, set up a date to do something together. Exercise certainly changes the way people feel about their body. Couples who commit to working out together will be able to stick to the program easier. Do you experience this with your guy? We would love to hear. Source: Womens Health Mag Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_112632" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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