What Type Of Underwear Turns Him On The Most?

Guys typically care very little about colour, price or the fact that your panties match your bra. Most of the time their main focusing is getting you out of your undergarments. But some dudes have certain skivvy preferences when it comes to their girlfriends. So which style of underwear is the sexiest? Men's Health conducted a social media survey to the get the answers! inpost2 #1 The most sexy undie style is..... The Boy Short! 40% of men said they love the way a boy short looks, but also love that we find them comfortable. #2 The runner up is.... The Thong! 34% say they love the exposure factor of a thong. However it's not for everyone. 3% of the survey voiced their opinion on the skimpy skivvy, saying they absolutely hate it. #3 In third place we have..... The G-String! Taking third place with a small 13% of dudes loving the look of the whale-tail cut. inpost #4 Coming in at number four..... The Bikini Bottom only won over a mere 12% of guys. They don't find them overwhelming sexy, but not a terrible choice. #5 And lastly the undie style which is never considered sexy.... The Granny Panty! With only 1% giving the granny panty a thumbs up, it looks like this comfy style is not the makings of most fantasies. What are your thoughts? Which style of underwear do you rock the most? Source: Women's Heath    

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