What Your Nails Are Telling You About Your Health

We spend a lot of time looking at our nails. When they catch on something, we immediately take note and file, clip, or even bite them off. We like them polished, we can't stand them chipped, and we certainly fear the inevitable but painful hangnail. So if we are so in tune with our nails, then we should probably be aware of all the health concerns they're presenting us. From nails that crack too easily to nails that have a strange color, it's important to notice the difference between a healthy nail and one that seems out of the ordinary. Our bodies find many ways to inform us something's up, and the follow examples may help you to stop an issue in its tracks. 1. Thick or yellow nails nails This could be a sign of a fungal infection, but it's hard to halt the issue with topical treatments, so seek out your doctor for oral medication. 2. Dark lines nails This could indicate melanoma, which is a serious concern and should be addressed immediately. 3. Pale nails nails This could indicate anemia, diabetes or even liver disease. 4. Cracks nails Small cracks or grooves on your nails could be a sign of psoriasis. 5. Brittle nails nails We all know that nails tend to break, whether we like it or not. But, if you notice they are cracking fairly easily, then this could be a sign of thyroid problems. Do you have any of these nail problems? Source: Bustle   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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