What's Alessandra Ambrosio's Secret to Her Jaw-Dropping Beach Bod?

The sexy Brazilian supermodel absolutely stunned many in this skimpy bikini on the blazing hot beaches of Rio De Janeiro this week. The toned and tanned mama of two basked in the sunshine as she took a break from her hectic schedule. At 34, Alessandra has an incredibly tight figure and envy-worthy six pack which definitely caught the eye of beach-goers. Her halter neck cut multicoloured bikini left little to the imagination as she splashed in the water with her friend. How does the former Victoria Secret sex symbol keep her body so runway ready? The model has many tricks to staying so lean and toned. Firstly, she loves practicing Capoeira, a dance and music inspired martial art which originated in Brazil. Not only does it target your entire body, but it can actually increase the fullness and firmness of your butt. It definitely seems to be paying off for Alessandra. The hot mama also practices intense floor routines, including planks which help increase her balance. She also does Pilates and favours spinning to get her cardio fix. She eats a carb heavy breakfast of muffins, bagels and sandwiches to give her energy to burn. For the rest of the day, she keeps it light with salads, lots of veggies and nuts. In the evening she likes seafood such as lobster, or spicy Japanese food. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves indulging in new dishes.   Is Alessandra one of your fitspirations? Share with us your tricks to getting yourself beach body ready!

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