What's Your Excuse Mom Controversy: Why Both Sides Have It Wrong

what's your excuse mom controversy

I had an enlightening conversation today about the "what's your excuse mom" photo, and the controversy surrounding it. As a matter of fact, the conversation provided additional clarity to the controversy. I hope I can provide you some clarity too. Make sure to read this post all the way to the end. Let's get started.

Maria Kang

The problem with Maria Kang's photos is more about the fact that the wording called into question every mother who doesn't look like Kang, as if other mothers were deficient in some way, or lazy, because they didn't have the same body as Kang. But the truth is, some of us are OK with our bodies even though they don't resemble a Greek god or goddess.

maria kang and her children

Here's how the wording does just that...the question "What's your excuse?" implies that other mothers should look like Kang, and if they don't then they are simply making excuses. Though it's perfectly acceptable for Kang to chose for herself to look a certain way, it's not OK to set expectations for what others should look like. That's not anyone's business.

Sometimes the reason someone doesn't have a body like the ones on the cover of Oxygen magazine is because the person is OK with how they look and feel, no excuses needed. When I posted my article about being a "fat" BodyRocker, there were comments on the post with how I could "improve" my situation and lose more body fat. Clearly those commentators missed the point that I am happy where I'm at.

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Some have said that the image was meant to motivate. However, despite our best intentions we can sometimes accidentally offend others with our words. Perhaps a better title for the image would have been:

alt1 Or even alt3

Unfortunately, for Kang and the rest of us, the words she chose didn't come across very well. What Kang meant to say was that she's a busy mom of three small children who's been busting her butt to achieve her goals, and if she can achieve her goals through perseverance, then so can you. Sometimes though, we just choose the wrong words. It's happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to you. Now, this is where the other side comes in.

On the other side of the aisle, there were folks who became really offended by the photo and question, and began bashing Kang unrelentingly. One of the BodyRock bloggers goes to the same gym as Kang and said that people still giver her dirty looks! So, what happened?

The people who immediately took offense to the photo went on a rampage against Kang. They assumed that Kang was not coming from a place of well-meaning. If we have the expectation that others have good intentions, we will see their misstep and not take it as an insult. We might even gently point out a better way to approach the issue at hand. If however, we start with the expectation that others are out to insult, then of course we will end up with the back and forth inflammatory comments that we saw on Kang's image.

The onus is on both parties of this controversy. Kang could have chosen better words, and the rest of us could have assumed she was a good person and meant well. So, let's stop with all the drama and be the good people that we are and assume that others are, too. Let's support each other and encourage each other. Please stop giving Kang the stink eye in the gym already! It's just plain mean and I know you're better than that.

Do you agree that we should all let it go and move forward? Share your thoughts with us!

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