What's The Magic Number Of Calories To Burn To Shed 1 Pound?

Pop quiz. How many calories must your body burn up in order for you to shed one single pound? If you answer 3,500, you are way off. New research suggests it takes double that! 7,000 calories to be exact. It may sound discouraging, but here are some tips to taking the weight off based on this new 7,000 rule. A new Body Weigh Calculator has been developed to help you learn more about your individualized fitness needs. By using the calculator, you can learn what level of physical activity you need to maintain to reach your desired weight and how much to adjust it after you've reached your goal. Burning more calories can be as easy as making a few changes to your workout routine.
  • Doing outdoor cardio can burn 10% more calories than running in the gym because of the change of terrain.
  • Drinking cold water after every sweat sesh can give your metabolism a needed kick to crush more cals.
  • Stretching before every workout has been proven to help your body loosen up and become a burning machine.
Each person's body does not react the same to losing weight, and even this new rule varies based on metabolic rate, diet, stress and other factors. It also varies depending on how much you weigh to begin with. If you are already fairly lean, you will lose weight slower than someone with more body fat. This is why the body weigh calculator is an amazingly helpful tool. What are your thoughts on the new rule? Share your calorie burning tips with us! Source: BGR  

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