What´s a MuscleCat?

After a good workout you sometimes feel every single muscle aching.  In germany this is called Muskelkater. Muskel= muscle Kater=cat Kater is the meaning of catarrh, sounds similar if you say it in german. What is the muscle aching? It isn´t the lactic acid do you ever thought. Cause of the sore muscles is tiny tears, called micro injuries in the muscle fibers - specifically in the muscle fibers from which the muscle fibrils are composed. The muscle is overloaded and gets minimal cracks.  While repairing the damage occurs small inflammations. Water runs into the fibrils. It accumulates in them and let it swell. If you activate the muscles now you feel the pain. It is harmless Cool part is, the repair work of the muscle is built stronger. ache How it is to avoid? -workout regularly -find your own level -eat enough magnesium for example from nuts, seeds, berries and bananas -stretch your muscles after workout -shower cold after workout (I wrote about) stretch Should you workout with muscle aching? Train softly, best other muscle groups. If my arms burn, I train legs. The University of Georgia has researched that 2 g ginger per day reduces the pain. sources: www.zeit.de www.welt.de www.netdoktor.de

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