What's the Perfect Woman...(For a Man)?

What's the Perfect Woman for a Man You’d think that women would understand men...understand what makes them tick.  We know that they are visual in the way that women are auditory.  Auditory meaning there is a direct connection between what a man says to us and whether or not we are attracted to him.  It’s really no secret that men are visual creatures.  It’s strange though how little we women know about what goes through a man’s head, what makes him tick, etc.  We fuss over not having shaved our legs or not having our makeup done...does he even notice?  But most importantly...does he care? Here’s a 10 Question survey that Glamour Magazine did last July...how does this tally amongst the guys? (http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/2012/07/what-men-think-about-womens-bodies#slide=10) 1. 78% of men would rather date a confident plus-size woman than an insecure supermodel.  (This one actually shocked me a bit...) 2. My favorite part of a woman’s body is: Her butt: 22% Her chest: 17% Her legs: 7% Her face/eyes: 15% Other: 10% The whole package: 29% 3.Your girlfriend/wife calls herself fat. React. What the heck? She’s gorgeous. I’m with her, after all: 28% We all have insecurities. I’d try to help her feel better: 61% If that inspires her to improve herself, I’m all for it: 11% 4. You generally find that women… Have an accurate opinion of what they look like: 18% Are overconfident about their looks: 10% Should have more confidence in their bodies: 72% 5. My ideal female body type is: Athletic and ripped, like Cameron Diaz: 8% Super skinny, like Zoe Saldana: 2% Fit but womanly, like Jennifer Lawrence: 34% Very curvy, like Christina Hendricks: 18% A fuller figure, like Melissa McCarthy: 3% Cute and compact, like Rachel Bilson: 17% I dig ‘em all: 18% 6. And have you ever dated a woman who didn’t have that body type? Yes: 84% No: 16% 7. Have you ever been disappointed when you saw a date naked? Yes, she wasn’t what I expected: 28% Um, no. Are you kidding? She was naked!: 72% 8. Do you compare women’s bodies to the ones you see in magazines—or porn? Yeah, I can’t help it: 14% Probably subconsciously. But I try to remember that real women don’t have the benefit of good lighting and retouching: 51% No. That’s just fantasy: 35% 9. Would you ever date a woman who is taller than you? Yes: 70% No: 30% 10. Which gets your attention more? How sexy a woman’s body is: 41% How much confidence she carries it with: 59% The number one thing I pulled out of this is that men (in general-obviously not all) critique our bodies about 100x less than we do as women.  We are conditioned from a very early age to critique women around us almost as potential threats.  There’s this subconscious idea that we should all be on the lookout for that trim, sexy, confident woman that is going to “steal” our man.  It creates this competitive nature among women...tearing each other down, dressing to impress other women, and always trying to be better-to look better.  Even I do it, I look at another woman and tally what she has that I don’t.  It’s awful.  The only way I know of to curb this is to, instead of looking for faults, try to envision yourself through a male’s eyes.  We have nothing to fear from other women...when we look and are afraid it is only our own faults and shortcomings that we see reflected back on us.  That might be a good place to start the change.

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