What's your STRONG Moment?

We all have our moments of weakness. What makes us stronger is when and how we fight through these moments. Sometimes we have physical weakness, such as boundaries we need to overcome  in the gym. Sometimes we have a mental challenge, such as a breakup or losing a job.
This past year has been nothing but a challenge and a test of how STRONG I really am.  If you keep up with my blogs you might have wondered "where has she been?" Well, I have been everywhere trying to get my life together so to speak. After a series of unfortunate events, rather than getting down and blaming others for everything that was happening in my life - the latest losing my job - I took it as an opportunity. I remember the moment my boss brought me into his office and told me the company was making some changes, icing on the cake, that was my last day. I packed up my stuff holding back my tears and walked out to my truck. I started crying, crying harder than I have in a long time. It was one thing after another - I called my best friend and just asked "what the hell is going on with my life?"
I could not catch a break. Losing my love, then my home, then my job along with several other obstacles in between. Seriously, what the hell is going on?! Right in that moment, I decided that I was going to make a change. A huge life change - I was going to move to California. Originally from Arizona, I have ALWAYS wanted to get out and move to beautiful sunny California, but I have always had something holding me back. A boyfriend, school, a job, a lease - something, I always had an excuse for not leaving. Now, there was no excuse, there was nothing stopping me, there was no reason not to go.
The next day I made my goals, set a plan and started sending out my resume. Now, all of this didn't happen over night by any means, it took a lot of work but HERE I AM! I made it! I am now living in California (a mile and a half from the beach I might add) and working for one of the largest Civil Engineering firms in the world.
So what does all this mean? It means that some time in our life, we will all have those moments of weakness. We become stronger when we fight through these moments, but most importantly, HOW we fight through them; choices we may have to make to ensure we are going towards our goals and not setting us back.  Every time you make the choice to get you closer to your goal, you have a STRONG moment.
So tell me, What's your STRONG Moment?
Love, Amy!

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