What's the Perfect Female Body?

What's the perfect female body? Well isn't that a loaded question.  There are as many answers to it as there are men and women in the world.  As it turns out...the ideal female body has changed over and over. Here's a 16th Century painting from Titian: bv-02   Peter Paul Reubens: The Three Graces (1639) bv-03   Francois Boucher (1751):George Washington would have thought this was perfection bv-06   Eduard Manet's Luncheon on the Grass mid 19th century: bv-08   Mid 1800's it starts to change, that waist isn't even healthy or natural bv-09     The Flappers 1920's: brought on by Chanel's new clothing that suited a straight, curve-less figure bv-16   The 1950's bv-12   And then... bv-40   It's actually quite sad that most women would look at the paintings above and label the women as overweight or their wide hips as unattractive...but that was what was needed for life then.  It's also disappointing that we have lost the appreciation for women of all body types. I'm not sure what my "ideal" body would be...mostly because its only applicable to me.  I can't sit here and judge and label the perfect body.

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