What's your excuse?

We hear the excuses all the time. We even have them ourselves. I’m tired, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, my kids are in many activities, I don’t have anyone to help me, I’m big boned, it’s family genetics, I have tried hundreds of programs before, etc…..etc……etc…..

Here is the thing, an excuse is a well thought out lie. Yep, I said it. I’m sure some of you will get upset with me and tell me I’m wrong or give me a list of your daily tasks. Guess what, I can give you one too and so can your neighbor and friend, and family member. It’s a way of life. I can’t think of one time where I met someone and they said “oh, I have all the time in the world and nothing going on”. In this day and age, we are all busy!!

It’s all about prioritizing, time management and knowing what you want. If you TRULY want to live a healthier lifestyle, if you TRULY want to lose some weight and if you TRULY want to help set an example for your children, family and friends, then you need to do something about it. NO EXCUSES! Take about 5 days and map out your daily activities. What are you doing that you really don’t NEED to do. Maybe its watch a TV program or sit at the computer and go through Facebook’s news feed that so many get addicted to doing. I guarantee that there are  times during the day that you are doing something that is not productive. Now, you’re probably saying “Chae, I’m so busy and that is MY time to decompress”. Well, my friend…..that tells me you are just not ready yet. You are not ready to make that commitment to a healthier you and guess what? That’s OK, because if you are not ready, it will NEVER work. You won’t stay engaged, you won’t stay motivated and you won’t commit to long term and that is why it never worked before.

There is no such thing as “big bones” and yes, you may be dealing with genetics but that just means you push past it and do not use it as an excuse to NOT do something about it. If I did that, I would be overweight, stressed and on medication helping me with lifestyle diseases and depression. NO THANK YOU!!

Schedule in your workouts like you would any appointment.  Don’t cancel on yourself! Find a workout buddy to help keep each other accountable. You wouldn’t cancel on them, would you? They are counting on you and you are counting on them. Team work! Give some of your tasks and chores to others in the household instead of taking everything on yourself and if you can’t……the dishes will still be waiting when you get done taking care of YOU first.

Take care of yourself, set goals, meet them, crush them and grow from them! No one can take care of you but YOU! It’s cheaper to invest in your health now then to get stuck with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills later.

Tomorrow never comes, make a change today and stop with the excuses.


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