Time To Dig Deep And Find Your POWER WORD

Everyday, I urge you to give yourself a 'Power Word' that will keep you mentally strong all day long. This is so simple, but I promise will work, it will be like having a little positive personal trainer following you around all day :). Write it out right now ... go on.... do it have you done it ?? brilliant ... ok, now pin it to your mirror, yoga mat, purse, credit card, in your phone, on the fridge, computer or desk etc. where ever you spend most time - maybe in a few places Just having that word in your eye line will give you the will power you need not to give up. Why you ask ?  It's because you know what that word means to you & you alone. Subconsciously you know this is what you need to be told today - You know what you want to accomplish & this will help you along, everyone has different goals so make the word you choose powerful & important to you & your path. The Power word I chose for today is Inspire: I found fitness, fitness didn’t find me, I was a skinny tom boy with a hyperactive personality and a concentration span of nil & that all changed when I met the most amazing lady who I adored from the minute I saw her lycra leggings and matching headband. Pam Bryan was my Step Aerobics instructor and she was hardcore!!. I remember walking into her class, feeling so welcome surrounded by lovely people who were all there for the same reason. Working hard but having a real good giggle and supporting each other at the same time. I remember looking at her thinking how strong, confident, beautiful, fit, and just plain awesome she was and from that moment on I wanted to be her!! Lycra and all. Fitness, health and wellbeing all come hand in hand and like many of you I lost my mum & my sister to cancer and their strength through that terrible illness has touched me forever & made my passion for eating right and staying fit and looking after myself even stronger. Complaining about simple things seems trivial.  You only have one heart and one body; look after it as well as you can. I have been blessed to have so many friends and one in particular is Mr. Steve Powell who from the day I met him filled my life with positive energy and taught me to love just being alive every day. He lives for today no matter what life brings, I adore him & carry the values he taught me with me everyday. Being so far away from home makes me miss my sister and my amazing family and friends (they know who they are ) but when I feel home sick, I remind myself of the reason I love fitness & I read the comment you leave my Facebook & I hope that if I can just inspire one person the way that so many other people have inspired me and continue to do so everyday without even realizing it, it will all be worth it. Please support each other and let them know if you are inspired by someone, they have rough days too & this will keep them motivated :). Stay positive and most of all believe in yourself. Everyday is a blessing. Make your Power Word Count & work for you… It can be anything at all, as long as when that time comes when you feel like giving up, you can draw strength from it and keep going towards your goal! Remember, without even realizing it, you are an inspiration to someone (you just may not realize it it yet). Let's keep on striving to be better than yesterday in our hearts, minds & bodies & inspire as many people as we can along the way :). Love Always, L xx

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