The Wheel-bound Star of Diesel's New Campaign

The face of conventional beauty is changing.  Fashion houses and retailers are choosing talent for their shows and ads that would not have been deemed 'acceptable' a decade ago.  It has become a bright new world where advertising and fashion campaigns could mean more than just the season they represent. The fashion world is ever changing.  With each brand rolling out two or more campaigns a year there is no time to look to the past.  Fashion is about the future...but its mostly about change and the beauty that's in change. article-0-1AE2E00F00000578-204_634x799 Jillian Mercado is a 26-year-old fashion blogger and editor from New York City.  She is the new star of Diesel's spring campaign.  She's featured with bright red lips and signature platinum blonde hair sitting in her wheelchair.  Jillian has muscular dystrophy,  an extremely debilitating disease which causes loss of muscle weakness and muscle loss over time. Nicola Formichetti, Diesel's artistic director, cast Jillian as the star of the "We Are Connected" campaign because, as he told Women’s Wear Daily, she was his favorite cast member of the campaign’s total 23 participants, who were picked to represent different sects of youth culture (including Japanese Internet stars and tattooed models). article-0-1AE2E01600000578-937_634x564 Diesel's new campaign represents so much more than just another campaign advertisement.  Jillian is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She's as much apart of the fashion world as other fashion bloggers who aren't disabled.  Jillian being at the forefront of this campaign represents everything that is at the core of fashion...the change and the beauty. article-2544271-1AE2E01A00000578-56_634x791 There's something incredibly potent about Diesel's new campaign...not just that fashion is relevant to everyone (which it is) but also that beauty is so much more than what you look like on the outside or what sets you apart from your peers.  Beauty is the smile on the face of hardship and disability.  And that is worth celebrating.

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