When Do You HIIT It?

Last week I noticed something... I wasn’t putting 100% into my workouts because I was famished when I was working out! I was HIITing it after work and before dinner (because working out on a full stomach can be rough). Once I realized that I wasn’t giving 100% because I was hungry, I tried to eat a little something before my workout... which didn’t work either because I ended up feeling too full to workout.

I used to workout in the mornings before work and can’t even remember why I stopped. So I’ve moved my workouts back to the mornings (before breakfast) and this has been working for me. What’s interesting to note is that even though I haven’t eaten anything since dinner the night before, I’m able to give it 100% in the mornings before breakfast.

Years ago, I used to work out in the early afternoons and that worked for me too. It was just the perfect amount of time post-lunch where I didn’t feel like I had no fuel left to workout on, but not so far after lunch to feel like I needed to refuel.

So, when do you HIIT it? How do you feel when you’re working out? We all have different times of day based on our personal physiology and eating habits that will allow us to train at 100%. Try moving your workouts to a different time of day and see how you feel. Try it for a week and see how it goes. Wake up that extra half an hour early to get in a Daily HIIT before work, or take some extra time during lunch to squeeze a workout in. Try it for a week and see if perhaps a different time of day allows you to HIIT it harder.

Photo courtesy of Michael AKA blue2likeyou

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