When in Doubt, Be Yourself

Put your wallet away. You don’t need those fancy, expensive highlights or that heavy makeup. Have you ever tried to do something to your physical appearance to make yourself appear sexy? The truth is, it’s as simple as being yourself. Scientists are now saying that small changes to our appearance may actually be making us LESS attractive. This whole time you thought you were buying all those cosmetics, getting your hair done all the time, making sure your nails are done - you may have been doing it for nothing. The reason for this is confusing the brain of the beholder. A new hair colour that doesn’t match your eyebrows or makeup that doesn’t embrace the natural features of your face can make your new look backfire on you. The picture above illustrates what not to do. The eyebrows don't match the hair, leaving an unnatural look. The picture above shows perfectly matched eyebrows and hair that you should consider when highlighting your hair. A woman who is already pretty may try a new look, but it may make her come off as less attractive. A doctor named Dr. Troje insists that the brain has evolved in order to be alert for mismatches when it comes to movements and looks. Sure, maybe new highlights and a little bit of makeup to bring out your stunning features will give you a boost of confidence, but try not to go overboard. When you get highlights, make sure they look realistic and match your eyebrows. You don’t need much makeup. Sooner or later it will start looking unrealistic. When in doubt, you should always be yourself. Could being yourself be the new sexy? Source: DailyMail  

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