Do Some Crazy S-Hiit !

Hi Everyone, Beyonce has gone for it & had a super cute pixie cut. Now, as you know, I had a radical change of haircut only a few months ago, which I have done quite a few times. (see gallery below) - having a new haircut changes everything about you, clothes, makeup, feel etc & it can take some getting used to but worth it as u feel like a new person. This feeling doesn't stop at a hair cut, you can get the same feeling with just wearing a new colour or different shoes, or trying new food's in different restaurants. I guess it's only in the last 7 years that I have pushed my boundaries, taken risks & tried new things. I like to think I have tried most things that I have come my way & with people who I love most of the time. Most of those crazy decisions that I have made come under two brackets either  'loved' or 'learnt from' lol & most were decided on the flick of a coin or just the 'fuck it' lets do it attitude on the day. Change is so terrifying, but it's also so exhilarating to remind yourself that you only live once. By taking risks and trying new things you will always feel like a child inside. Yes it's scary to start new things or try something different, but its important not to live life in the shadows, live everyday to the fullest & take every opportunity that is given to you. When u have lost loved ones, it gives you the reminder that life is too short to worry about what others think, and it's more important to have memories & experiences than money - most of the most amazing & funniest thingsI have done were totally free :). Today I want you to do something you have never done before... even if it's wearing a new colour, or trying a new food or just rolling down a hill, changing you room around or maybe even try one of my workouts for the first time. This also counts if you are aiming for a goal or target. Try new ways of getting there. It's time to make every single day count ... What will you do ? What will you change ? Love Always L xx 14466_617939678245708_496287250_n   [gallery ids="|"]   Get More in MyBlog - Here     

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