When You Don't Feel Like It

Do it anyway. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is really, seriously, I’m not kidding—do it anyway. What stops you from working out? From taking risks? From living your life to the fullest? Only you know the answers. Are you afraid of succeeding? Do you feel like you don’t deserve to look and feel your best? Spend 5 minutes, right now, thinking about these questions. Let’s face it. Sometimes you’re just tired. “Too busy” and “too tired” are common excuses. But “nurturing” ourselves in negative ways when we’re tired isn’t smart. In fact it's extremely damaging. I want to give you two examples from my life to show you what I’m talking about. Day 1 I wake up feeling tired. I have a lot of coffee to try and wake myself up. I sit on the computer working. I don’t feel better yet, so I keep drinking coffee…YIPEEE COFFEE!!! I don’t work out. I start crashing from all the caffeine. Mmm…I’d love to have a nap right now. Around lunch I eat a salad, trying to be healthy, but I cave a little later on and eat a muffin. I start feeling bad about myself. “You’re so lazy,” I tell myself. You’ll never do it. The day continues this way. I never work out, even though it was a work out day. That night I’m up late. I have a restless sleep. Day 2 I wake up feeling tired. I have 1 cup of coffee before I decide I can’t have another day like the one before. I’m tired so I’ll just do some easy yoga today. I get out my yoga mat and start stretching. Hmm…this feels a lot better than drinking 100 cups of coffee. At work, I’m focused. I feel a little proud of myself. I eat a healthy lunch. I have a bit of chocolate but this time I don’t judge myself for it. After work, I go on a run. I’m tired at the end of the day, but it’s a good tired. I sleep well. Do you do this too? This is how I’ve learned to do it anyway. There are many days I try and make excuses but I know the results of putting off my workout. When I make excuses I end up feeling bad about myself. It's a negative cycle and it takes breaking that cycle to start seeing changes. Taking positive steps even when you don’t feel like it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It may take longer than a day or two, especially when you’re just starting out. But when you continue to make positive choices TRUST ME that you’ll start feeling better—even proud of yourself. So what do you think? Any more excuses? Xoxo, Bethany

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