Where is hidden the C?

A few days before Genevieve posted about vitamin C. How much vitamin c is enough? There are various recommendations for different countries. Frenchman are advised 80mg per day,  for Germans 75mg p.d., for Americans 60mg p.d., for Britishers 30mg p.d., But don´t worry, your body separates too much of vitamin c. I want to show you what foods you can integrate into your food plans to pump the Vitamin C. Vegetables bell pepper                                       120mg/ 100g                     1 weighs about 165g broccoli                                               115mg/ 100g                     1 weighs about 300g Brussels sprouts                              112mg/ 100g                     10 weighs about 150g kale                                                      105mg/ 100g                     1 cup weighs about 150g fennel                                                 93mg/ 100g                        1 tube weighs about 300g Fruits acai berries                                       1700mg/ 100g                   1 tablespoon weighs about 20g seabuckthorn berries                   450mg/ 100g                     1 tablespoon weighs about 20g guave                                                  270mg/ 100g                     1 fruit weighs between 50 and 300g  black currant                                    177mg/ 100g                     1 tablespoon weighs about 20g Herbs parsley                                                160mg/ 100g                     1 tablespoon weighs about  7g Nobody eats 100g of parsley (I think) but remember to use it to garnish.... it's very healthy.  

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