Whistle Workout - Real Time Sweat!

Hi BodyRockers! We have some new onscreen features for our Real Time Sweat workouts that we hope you will find useful. We are doing our best to bring you guys continually improving workouts :) Please take the time to post your comments and suggestions on the site or on our Facebook wall. Sean is putting his heart and soul into these for you guys so please show him your support and "like" this post. It takes just a second to hit the like button but it means a huge thank you and show of support for our trainers :) We will be posting a new routine with Lisa tomorrow so check back for that :) and our new guest host makes her first appearance this week - you won't want to miss BodyRocking with this mother of 3!!! Best, Freddy Set your interval timer to 24 rounds of 30 seconds work with a 10 second break! 1) Surfer Kick Outs 2) Upright rows alternating left side right side Using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball 3) 5 High Knees Half Burpee 4)Back Lunge With Kick Right Leg 5) Back Lunge With Kick Left Leg 6) 5 Star Push Ups 1 Burpee 7) Ninja Jump Tucks 8) Exploding Push Ups BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:

Hey BodyRockers Sean here :).  I wanted to take a minute and talk to you about my workouts.  I am going to be posting on a more regular basis now.  I have recieved some feedback that some BodyRockers find my workouts very difficult.  I try and make my workouts as tough as possible because we are only working for 12 minutes.  This is HIIT Training which means (High Intensity Interval Training).  If you are not pushing yourself to your limits you are not going to see the results you desire.  Push hard, find breathlessness and learn to become comfortble in that state of being breathless and uncomforatble.  We are human and our first instinct is to resist or quit when things get hard.  One reason why we have started to do the Real Time Sweat (RTS) workouts is because we want you working out with us the entire 12 minutes.  I encourage you to  join my facebook page! Sean’s Facebook page click here I am going to be talking more about the mental approach of working out for this 12 minutes.  I believe this 12 minutes is more mind over matter! It takes mental toughness to conquor breathlessness and complete the workouts.

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