Who Is Mankofit?

Who is Mankofit? This hardworking, fit and fierce female is a personal trainer and athlete from New York City. She is known as Mankofit but her real name is Massy. 700k people follow her on Instagram. But not everyone knows her story. She currently competes in the body building circuit with team Blade and is coached by Dexter Jackson the 2008 Mr. Olympia and the 4x Arnold Classic Champion along side Gail Elie. I am a firm believer that if you want to be the best you need to surround yourself with the best. Massy recently visited Canada to speak at a community center and film a video with the Toronto fitness group that call themselves "Body by Chosen". These Canadians are a group of individuals, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts that specialize in calisthenics and bar training. body+by+chosen She is a very passionate individual about fitness. During her speaking engagement that I had the honour to attend she cried, she laughed, she danced and she answered questions. Clearly new to public speaking she tried to get her story across through questions and answers. She answered a lot of questions about her daily routine, her diet and what motivates her. The crowd hung on to her every word and wanted to know more about why she is so passionately sharing her fitness journey on instagram and twitter with the world. She spoke to us about her passion and struggle. She talked from her heart and told us how fitness is her drug that helped her battle depression that had originated from a relationship she had with a man. Not only did I get to watch her speak - I had the opportunity to go to the gym with her and the body by chosen athletes. Massy lead us through her dynamic warmup and an upper body workout that left my biceps and forearms sore for three days afterwards. For me being a personal trainer it was very humbling to sit back and be the observer and client. She is definitely a get to the gym and get lifting type of trainer. Pausing to explain the next exercise, making sure everyone has their weights, and no waiting around for people who aren't there to work. If you want to be trained by Massy prepare to work hard and she won't tolerate slacking off. Her physique speaks for her work ethic alone. If you ever get the chance to train with Mankofit take the opportunity. You wont regret it. If you are new to fitness find your passion, find out what motivates you and put it to work so you have no excuses.  

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