Whole Foods $800K Fine

Not exactly a shock to anyone, but Whole Foods in California has been fined $800,000 in California due to allegations of overpricing. I love Whole Foods, I do, as evidenced by my many whole foods tweets, but damn they’re pricey. Charges include: -       not deducting the weight of containers when charging for fresh food -       selling products by the piece and not the pound (as required by California law) -       having less in packages than was stated on the weight label. Obviously organic food is going to be more expensive than pesticide and chemical laden food, and I honestly don’t mind paying a bit more for quality. That said, consumers deserve clear and honest pricing, which according to this year long investigation by state and local authorities is just not the case at Whole Foods. wholefoods800k At least the company is attempting to make amends, agreeing to a five year court injunction to improve pricing accuracy, they’re focusing on minimizing errors, and being transparent in everything they do. I should also point out that Whole Foods has a 98% accuracy rating, which is about the same as any other grocer, so instead of making this a Whole Foods witch hunt, it can be a wake up call to be more aware of what you’re buying and for how much. Now if I could get some of that $800K so I can enjoy a daily spelt flour pretzel and coconut milk latte then that’d be great.        

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