Who's the Healthiest Country?

A new report by Oxfam has ranked the world's countries based on food consumption addressing whether people have enough to eat, whether people can afford to eat, whether the food is of good quality, and how prevalent diet related diseases are.  The three best places in the world to eat are; the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.

The Netherlands claimed the top spot due to low food prices, low diabetes levels, and better nutritional diversity than other European countries.  Interestingly enough there are still high obesity levels even amongst the top ten countries.  The Netherlands still has obesity levels at 20% and Australia has 27%.

At the other end of the spectrum lies Chad.  The worst of the 125 countries surveyed.  The food is of little nutritional value, its terribly expensive, and prepared very little access to hygienic conditions.  One in three children are drastically underweight.  Although the USA has the most affordable food of the surveyed countries it didn't even make the top 20 of the healthiest countries.

What's interesting is the fact that western countries with the most access to food have the highest levels of obesity and diabetes.  These countries also have the most access to information about healthy eating and yet don't use it.

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