Why Alcohol Is Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

We are, undoubtedly, a generation who isn't afraid to indulge in a little happy hour. Whether it's a glass of wine with Netflix or a cocktail (or 5) after a hard week of work, we always find an excuse to kick back and relax with booze. But alcohol can seriously hinder your fitness level and cause unexpected weight gain. Don't believe me? Check out these stats:  
  • Alcohol Is Calorie-Loaded
You don't notice because you're drinking a liquid, so calories can slide down your throat with ease. Vodka – 64 calories per 1 fl oz Rum – 64 calories per 1 fl oz Whiskey – 70 calories per 1 fl oz Red Wine – 125 calories per 5 oz serving White Wine – 120 calories per 5 oz serving Mixers – 50+ calories!
  • Alcohol Shrinks Muscles
Booze can meddle with your body's ability to grow muscle, and can cause it to lose the muscle you already have acquired. Alcohol can increase your levels of cortisol, which inevitably damages your muscle tissue. alcohol can ruin fitness regime
  • Alcohol Dehydrates You
This can leave you unable to wake up for your workout, suffering from fatigue and weakens your overall gains. It can even cause muscle cramping which will definitely slow you down! So rethink those few pints at the bar. What are your thoughts? Have you recently cut back on booze and improved your performance? Source: FitFluential  

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