Why Do People "Let It All Hang Out" In The Locker Room?

Are you the person who changes in a bathroom stall, strategically dresses tucked in a corner or do you just whip off your sweaty workout gear and proceed through your routine in the buff? Surprisingly, your answers says a fair amount about you and your current mindset. Here are the different factors that play into just how comfortable you are going au naturale in front of your fellow gym members.

Your Self-Confidence

The most obvious thing getting naked in a locker room says about you is that you’re, at the very least, probably fine with how your body looks. Hopefully it goes beyond that and you’re straight-up proud of what you've got going on. On the other hand, you could be totally shy about what you have going on and just want to hide it.

Your Family’s Attitude About Nudity

While self-confidence clearly plays a role in how willing you are to take it all off, your family’s reaction to nudity while you were growing up might matter more. If open nudity wasn’t something done in the family, you might not feel like putting yourself out there or that it's straight up not for anyone else but you. On the other hand, if you had the kind of freewheeling family that embraced being nude, you might feel more comfortable being naked in front of others. It could also be the complete opposite! Maybe your parents always told you to put clothes on so you rebelled by dancing around your living room naked.

Your Adolescent Experiences

If you have no problem getting naked in front of others, you probably didn’t have any cringe-worthy related experiences growing up. When you're younger, it’s an especially vulnerable time when it comes to body-image issues, and any negative experiences can have lasting effects that follow you into the locker room. Maybe you were teased i high school about your body or a boyfriend said something negative about your body right when you’re in the stage of trying to figure out how you really feel about it. For some- it's even as simple as hearing your peers being ridiculed that can make you overly self conscious.

Embracing Your Birthday Suit

Interestingly enough, if you’ve got nerves about getting naked in the locker room, you should do just that to overcome them. Remember that next time you’re contorting yourself behind a towel so no one gets a glimpse of you as you change. Drop the towel and strip with pride!

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