Why give HIIT a go...

Hope you're all having a great weekend.... I wanted to have a little discussion about why I believe high intensity training is so effective :) Today after taking my weekly Bootcamp it got me thinking just how much I LOVE introducing people to high intensity interval training. YES it's hard... YES it hurts...  but YES it works! After watching my committed FitCulture boot campers breathing heavy, hands on their knees, reflecting on the workout they just achieved I couldn't help but feel so unbelievable proud of them! My best workouts are done when I don't have a lot of time hence having to do my training hard and fast! The reason this will ALWAYS be such an effective style of training is because the intense exertion kicks your body's repair cycle into hyper drive. Combing your resistance with you intense cardio rounds with small periods of rest mean you are you going to burn more calories in the following 24hrs after your workout than if you were to go for a steady walk/jog. I completely understand that it feel like your heart is going to beat out of your chest, as most people aren't used to reaching their anaerobic state but believe me that extreme sessions like these produce fantastic results. You are able to retain your strength while increasing your fitness levels which we all know, to get that nice lean shape we need to be able to retain that muscle. Today for my boot campers I developed a simple yet effective session which I have explained below!! Give it a try and let me know how you go! Remember that the harder you work now... the FASTER you will start to see your body changing. There's no magic pill, there's no easy way out. I wont sugar coat it... you have to work for it. And when you feel like you don't want to work for it, remember why you started. There's is nothing more liberating than feeling strong... both mentally and physically! Now get to it and give this session a try :) Like they say... "if it's easy it wont be worth it and if it's worth it it WONT be easy!" That couldn't be anymore correct. Core Split Challenge  (3 mins rounds, supersetting 10 reps per exercise before moving to the next round) Round 1
  • KB Swing Squats
  • KB Pikes
Round 2
  • Superman Pushup
  • 15sec plank hold
 Round 3
  • 5sec hold crunches
  • KB Squat 2 hand press
 2 min skipping
Round 1
  • Squat Upright Row
  • Mountain Climbers
 Round 2
  • Lunge + Press
  • Leg Raises
Round 3
  • Burpee tucks
  • Plank up downs
2 min skipping   SazzyPT x


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