Why I Love Yakult Probiotic Drinks

Breakfast has always been tough for me. I'm up at 6 AM to start working by 7, so it's hard for me to sit down to a hefty meal. There's nothing better than a bowl of cereal in the morning, especially with nice cold milk. Unfortunately, eating that early always sits poorly in my stomach. My food just doesn't digest well, and I've always had stomach pains in the morning.

At least I did before I added probiotics to my daily breakfast…


Why I Love Yakult

I was raised drinking Yakult drinks in Japan, but I had no idea they were so great for my digestion. The live Lactobacillus casei bacteria in the drinks totally help me digest my breakfast, and I haven't had any discomfort since I started drinking them a few months ago. What is awesome is that these drinks do more than just keep my digestive system working properly, but they help to improve my immunity to disease. 80% of your immune system action happens in your gut, as that's where most of the microbes and bacteria live. By increasing the production of health intestinal bacteria, you're basically strengthening your immune system - and not just in your intestines, but all over your body! The little drinks are made without sugar, and they're just 50 calories per bottle - not bad at all! They use all natural ingredients, and they taste absolutely delicious. They can be enjoyed even by people that are intolerant to lactose, and it's great for helping your food go down easily. In fact, they're recommended to be eaten after a heavy meal, as the bacteria in the drink will help your body digest the food. Sure, it sounds weird to be drinking live bacteria, but trust me, it works! I've had zero stomach pains in the morning since I've begun drinking these tasty little Japanese drinks, and you can bet that it will work for you too!

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