Why Is Sex Better in Your 40s?

Your sex life doesn’t end once you hit 40 – in fact, it could be better than ever.

Here’s why:

  • You’re more comfortable with your body

You’ve been through the phase of self-consciousness and have learned to accept your body the way it is. This confidence and perspective you have allows you to be more comfortable sharing your bare bod.

  • Your life has calmed down

The stress of marriage, pregnancy and kids has slowed down as you reach your 40s – thank god. You’ve done your fair share of taking care of everyone else and now you have more time to focus on yourself. Many women by this age also opt for permanent birth control methods such as a vasectomy, which can make sex easier and stress free.

  • You’re getting a hormonal surge

As you reach the stages of perimenopause, your body’s testosterone increases while your estrogen decreases, resulting in a higher sex drive than before. Many women rediscover their sexuality during these years.

  • You’re newly single

Nearly 40% of women in the US are unmarried. If you’re single and ready to mingle, as you reach 40 you’ll discover new freedom that you haven’t had in years.

  • You’re naturally wired for it

Studies have found that older women have more frequent sexual fantasies, a more active sex life and are more accepting of one night stands than younger women. Maybe it’s because women who stay more sexually active have a better chance of producing children.

Is sex really that much better in your 40s? Share your thoughts with us!

h/t: Prevention

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