Why Texting is Keeping You From Having a Real Relationship

Texting has taken a leading role as one of the biggest ways our society communicates. When we have a simple reminder or a funny thought we'd like to share, we text it to someone as opposed to picking up the phone and pretending we care how they are, what they're doing, and where in the world they happen to be at the moment. But when it comes to relationships, it can be a bit tricky to navigate what is really being said between the lines. And if you notice you're spending more time texting that special someone as opposed to interacting with them face to face, you may become aware that the spark in those texts isn't quite vibrant when you go to rattle off a one liner in person, and hope they snap back as wittily as they did on their phone. texting keeping you out of touch with your relationship In fact, you may notice that your texts in general are slim to none, or short-versed at best with people you are with regularly. Being able to take your relationship from the keyboard to real life seems easier said than done when you begin a regular connection via text as opposed to in person. So, it's important to be mindful of whether or not this is effecting you. Here are three things to watch out for if you're texting more than actually talking. 1. You're overanalyzing their speech. They only responded with "K" today, but usually it's "Okay!" You're now taking screenshots of your conversation and sending it to friends to help you decipher if they're mad, not into you anymore, or being flirty. This is a waste of your time, and something that would never be addressed had you been talking on the phone or in person. 2. It's not leading to anything. Are you starting to date someone, but you've spent more time trying to make a plan that keeps falling through, and intermittently answering questions about books you like to read and festivals you're obsessed with? If you can't nail down a date, then you certainly can't get to know each other on the deepest level, and texting is far less romantic than connecting over your favourite author over a glass of wine. 3. You're personality shifts when you text. It's easier to be sexier, sassier and confident via text than it is in person, right? But the more you shy away from face-to-face interaction, the less likely you'll know how to act, and the more you might find yourself freezing up, not speaking your mind about what makes you happy, sad, angry, etc. Are you in a relationship that favours texting over talking in person? Source: Elite Daily  

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