Why These Fitness Experts Feel The Term 'Fitspiration' Is Unhealthy

Fitness + inspiration = fitspiration. The buzzword is a popular hashtag and is used all over the internet to refer to svelte celebs and Tumblr models alike. It's supposed to be a motivational tool, but recent studies have found it makes women feel rather lousy about their appearance and body image. We give fitness experts who work in the industry a turn to voice their own opinions of whether fitspirational imagery is pushing their clients forward or damaging their self esteem. "Whether subtly or overtly, the message behind fitspiration is: 'Look at how great I look, and if you commit yourself to exercise, you'll look this good, too. This message misses the mark because it puts the emphasis on appearance instead of health—and being healthy is about so much more than what you look like." says Jennifer Blake, certified personal trainer and coach. fitsperation "When you're living from a place of health internally, it just naturally shows externally—but that's hard to capture in a photo for Instagram." explains yoga teacher Alexandria Crow. "These girls are taking [fitspirational models] at their word and in the end only feel worse about themselves if they don't end up achieving this fabricated goal made up by someone who happens to have a lot of followers." Aly Teich, founder of The Sweat Life, explains. "I have teenage nieces who truly think that anyone on YouTube or social media with enough of a following is an expert or someone worth listening to." In a society that is bombarded with images of 'idealistic' bodies, it's easy to become over saturated and feel like you don't measure up. Especially for young, impressionable girls who have a greater access to potentially harmful blogs, vlogs and social media sites than ever before. It's important to remind yourself and the young girls in your life that being healthy is what really matters.  Do you think the term fitspiration is dangerous? Share your thoughts in the comments! Source: Women's Health  

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