Why This Sleep Habit Will Hinder Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Sleep has everything to do with our health. Sleep impacts our stress level, our weight and even our chances of conceiving. If you use your phone or a television to soothe yourself to sleep, you're harming your sleep cycle. But worse than that, you are decreasing your rate of fertility. Artificial lightning disrupts your fertile cycle, according to a new study. Your body's "internal clock" or circadian rhythm is what controls your period along with many other functions. In order to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm, proper sleep patterns must be in place. When you expose your eyes to artificial light from phones, tablets or the TV, the sleep time hormone melatonin isn't as readily released. Without this hormone being correctly distributed, problems such as insomnia can develop and your internal clock goes out of whack. If you're addicted to falling asleep with your phone by your side or a movie playing in the background, here are the steps to take to break this habit: 1. Decrease the brightness on your phone and television as the sun sets. 2. Take steps to retire your devices for the night an hour or so before you hit the sheets. 3. Aim to get at least 7 hours of snooze time per night. Are you hooked on electronics? What are your tips to falling asleep fast? Source: Shape  

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