Why Upping Your Protein Intake Can Help You Lose Weight

Everywhere you look, people seem to be singing the praises of protein. And rightfully so! Protein is a major part of losing weight without losing precious muscle. Have a look at these reasons why protein is so valued in a healthy, fit lifestyle.

1. Protein satisfies and saves calories.

Protein helps keep you feeling fuller, longer. It slows down digestion, leaving you feeling more satisfied and less likely to fill up on unnecessary seconds. Think about how many calories this can save you over the course of a day. A week? A month? It adds up.

2. Curbs highs and lows.

If you pair protein with high carb foods, it can slow down the absorption of sugar from your stomach to your bloodstream which can keep your blood sugar level and prevent those post meal cravings.

3. Protein requires more energy.

The TEF, or thermic effect of food, is the amount of energy it takes to digest our food into small, absorbable parts. Protein has a higher TEF than carbs and fat which means that our body requires more energy to process protein than it does carbs or fat. We burn more calories digesting protein. upping protein

4. Fuels fat burning.

Sounds strange but our bodies are not able to use fat as energy if it does not have a little assistance from either a carbohydrate or a protein. When you lose weight, you lose both fat and muscle. So, while in the process of dropping pounds, it is important to make sure you get enough protein so you can burn fat while preserving your calorie burning lean muscle.

5. Promotes muscle growth and repair.

Your protein needs will go up after an intense workout so upping your intake on workout days is helpful. If you are someone who strength trains, it might be beneficial to have a high protein snack right after the workout when your muscle can use the TLC a little protein can provide. In no way is protein a miracle weight loss quick fix but it can aide and assist you in adopting a healthy, fit lifestyle which can lead to natural, healthy changes in inches and pounds. How do you get your protein? Source: Womenfitness.net  

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