Why We Love: Monica Bellucci

Like a fine Italian wine, this bodacious beauty just keeps getting better with age. Actress/fashion model Monica Bellucci has topped the world’s sexy women charts time and time again, and it’s no wonder. In a botox and surgically altered world, 48 year old Bellucci exudes a natural, voluptuous sex appeal. She attributes her timeless beauty to her Italian roots and her laid back approach to life. There’s no real secret to her va-voom physique. She says, “I’m curvy and I love to eat and enjoy life.” She has a very European approach to eating: Eat what you like, but moderation is key. She never deprives herself, but minds her portions. She also has a busy lifestyle. Between caring for her 2 young daughters, spending time with her husband and juggling her acting and modelling career, this bombshell still makes time to take care of herself. She swims, does yoga and runs - but she never forces herself to do anything. Carpe Diem, indeed!

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