Why You Shouldn't Eat While Walking

It should be a rule that multitasking during meals is something that should not be done. How many times have you emailed while eating? How about watching TV while eating dinner? Do any of these sound familiar to you?

There was actually research done from the University of Surrey in England regarding women and snacking, while being distracted. The women were separated into three groups. The first group would watch a TV show while they ate a cereal bar, the second group ate their cereal bar while walking, and the last group ate their bar while they were talking to one another. Each of the women were asked to take a questionnaire and then test the taste of some chips, grapes, carrot sticks, and chocolate.

The researchers took the questionnaires and measured the amount of snacks in each group and the result was that the women who were asked to eat while they were walking, had consumed over five times the amount of food that the other women did.

While you’re walking, it’s natural to be engaged in activities. It’s hard to focus on what you are eating when you are trying to focus on where you are going. Walking causes you to eat more because your burning more calories.

If it’s impossible for you to avoid eating while you are out walking, it’s best to keep your headphones on. They will block out any outdoor noises, which will lead to you being more mindful with what you are putting in your mouth. Help keep yourself on track with the BodyRock Meal Plan! 

Are you a multitasker when it comes to eating? If so, let us know about it.


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