Why Your Brain Overrules the "Just One Drink" Rule When it Comes to Alcohol Intake

How many times have you bought a bottle of wine for dinner at home on a weekday evening and said out loud or to yourself, "I'll just have one glass"? What about when your friend tells you that you must come out for happy hour, and while you know you have to get up early for an important meeting or to make that yoga class, you kindly oblige, yet remind them and yourself that you're only staying out for one? And how many times have you broken that promise to yourself and others? If you just said, "a lot" then you're not alone. Did you know our brains are actually wired to reach for one more? more drinks Researchers from Texas A&M University have cracked the code on why this is so. When you take a sip of that oh so good glass of vino, that alcohol is entering your body and affecting the dopamine D1 neurons, which make you feel incredibly happy and are found in the part of your brain in charge of motivation and reward, which is called  the dorsomedial striatum. The researchers concluded that when the alcohol gets in your system, these D1 neurons' shapes are changed, which in turn promotes you to keep them happy with another sip of luscious liquid goodness. Are you thinking ... so what? Well, it's sort of like a downward spiral once this happens, because the more you sip, the more you're encouraging these dopamine neurons, and the less likely you'll be able to pull in the reigns. Hangover anyone? What do you think of these findings? Source: Shape

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