Why You're Gaining Weight in Your Early 20's

Ever wondered if it isn't your fault for gaining weight in your early 20's? It's that ever so dreaded freshman 15 that we all hear about. Michigan State University conducted a study over the last 15 years, talking to 3617 individuals about their childhood and understanding their weight gain during their early 20's.

And guess what? Women, we have the crappy end of the stick (again). It found that women who have faced childhood stress before the age of 16 - like divorce, a parental death or economic issues - gain weight faster in their early 20's than those who haven't had these kinds of stress. Those coping mechanisms, of stress eating etc are hard to kick to the curb and they can become a part of our lifestyle.

weight gain

And yes, women we have it a little harder when it comes to weight control than the men. According t the study, men tend to turn to alcohol to cope with their issues while we choose food. I can't argue there, ice cream can fix just about anything in my books!

So, what can we learn from this study and what does this mean for the future? This sheds light on what needs attention and shows us that we need to intervene and support positive growth in children's mental health. As adults, we also need to focus on our own mental health before we can tackle our own personal issues surrounding our physical body.

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